The whole way in which nowadays people are searching for info on the internet is changing drastically.  Increasingly,  now  people  are employing voice search  on  the  smartphones,  voice  assistants  or tablets for searching  for  the  information  online.  Siri is the  best friend of people if you are an Apply user,  Google’s  voice  search  is quite popular on the Android devices and Microsoft Cortana is quite useful on the PC and the smartphone.

As  search  engines  were  introduced  first  to  mainstream  in  mid 1990s, the users are now learning how to enter the keywords phrase succinctly  for finding  information  online  with  the  help  of  a  PC. Unlike the search keywords phrases which you would type on  your computer, the voice search is much  more  conversations  and  also natural in their tone. Voice search is  typically  mobile  and  locally focussed too.

Since they are much more conversational, the voice search enquiries are also generally longer than the typical text keywords search enquiries.

It is quite important to keep in mind that the main purpose of such latest technologies is meant for the devices for providing the best of results for on the go searchers. For doing this, the devices mainly try to look for easily identifiable, relevant and short pieces of the content for serving back to searchers.

What are you looking for?

As per the  Internet  Trends  Report  2016,  the  users  are  using  the voice search for a wide range of searches. With  an  estimate  of  22% people looking  for  some  local  information  and  content,  the  local businesses  and  the  agencies  which  do  local  Search  Engine Optimisation need to strategies  for  the  local  voice  searches.

Claim the Google’s my business listings

In case you have not claimed your Google’s My-Business listings yet then you should do it as soon as possible. Optimising and claiming Google’s My Business is a very good way of finding out more and more info about the business, just like the categories of business that you are into, your business address, business hours, phone number and more such things.

As many of the voice searches are absolutely local having the Google’s My Business listings claimed and updated may help in increasing your chance of showing up while a voice search may be done pertaining to the local business, business category or location.

Conversational keywords

Now the keywords are not just keywords anymore. The keywords in voice searches world are long tail. The “Plus” refers to conversational phrases that you should add whole optimising for the conversational voice searches.

Your keywords strategies need to be much more conversational and mimic the way real people discuss as well as ask questions verbally. You need to start thinking of the different types of questions that you receive from the customers when they call you over the phone for asking questions about the business you are dealing into. Then you should start documenting as well as recording the exact words which they employ while talking to the customer sales representatives.

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