PPC Campaign Management

There are millions of sites, so there is tight competition in online business. Generating website traffic is challenging, but can be made easy by PPC management services. PPC campaign is the cost-effective way of promoting your website. PPC is also known as cost per click, it is basically an internet advertising model which is used to direct the traffic to the website.

Our methodology:

Our experts follow the technique which will help our clients attain their desired marketing results. We know the importance of search engine rules and techniques, that’s why we have been concentrated individually on all major search engines with our PPC management services. Each search engine has somehow different nature and that’s why, we have created different strategies for each of them.

Publishers in our Network

In our PPC publisher’s network we consist of all the big names of the industry, Google Adworks, Yahoo search etc. Anyone can make a free registration with us and have their ads placed to promote their business online.

PPC Management Services at glance

In our PPC management services we have focused all the areas PPC management India. Our main focus is on sponsored and content page advertising offered by search engines. Our experts are engaged in several activities on regular basis to give the desired result and achieve the ppc marketing target.

Regular activities:

We make it simple, easy and effective for you

We have built an analytical and result-oriented PPC service management technique. Our techniques flow in a proper sequence, creating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the process. The complete campaign has been designed to attain the targeted result and provide solution to the client. All of our plans are designed with the motto of generating maximum value for money and also ensuring the best ROI (return on investment). We have managed the prices according to the budget of the campaign.

How we do

Step1. Our process begins with understanding client’s requirement, expectations and objective. This is done by gathering information about the client and his organization.

Step2. In second step we analyses our client’s website and their competitors.

Step3. After analyzing we design a proper PPC management campaign strategy. The campaign includes Structuring, Keywords Research, Ad Creations / Scheduling, Landing Page Creation / Optimization, Geo- Targeting, Setting up Analytics.

Step4. Now time for implementation of the strategy, the account has send for activation and all the tracking codes are verified and will be followed by monitoring.

Step5. After implementation the real work comes into action, the monitoring part. Our team of monitors has been continuously following the performance of campaign. The campaign has been monitor on various parameters.

Main highlights of the campaign

Maximizing ROI

Often it happens we spend money on paid campaign that doesn’t work. Usually this happens due to lack of experience or due to lack of information. We are confident that we are offering services that provide clients with a clear return on investment.

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Client Testimonials

  • We came to this team having rejected treatment of our project by a nationally known digital marketing company, even after our having paid them their exorbitant fee. This team however had an ab initio Need Grasp Methodology, which put us on fast track at a reasonable budget.

  • Their team understands that technology evolves. And thus, what they configure is modular, scaleable and upgradable. And looking at our needs, they gave a stable long term proposition.

  • These are the people you can bet on. Very systematic in their environment study, the solution they suggest is the most optimal fit.

  • I admire this company for its sound after-sales support. Of the very few occasions there system has been down, the support personnel turns up within 2 hours.

  • Good value for money, time, and effort. Neat delivery and after installation support.