Mobile SEO

Mobile internet has come up with a bang in web world. Several industries like travel and entertainment are getting huge benefits from the internet mobile search. As the mobile internet become important part of browsing, make optimization of website according to mobile becomes necessary. It is sure optimizing site according to mobile can put your site ahead of your competitors with potential benefits.

How is it different from Regular SEO.

No, not much, the optimization for mobile phones is not very much different from Regular SEO. For mobile SEO one must understand and ensure that the user will able to view your website correctly with complete details on their mobile device. In mobile browsing having a short and relevant content and titles helps the browser.

Mobile phone based websites SEO

The mobile phones have limitations like the limited screen size. The website should be optimizing accordingly. There are several guidelines website accessibility guidelines set by W3C website should be follow them. Websites must be designed according to mobile, as the mobile use WAP technology to browse the Internet. The websites should be designed so that layout without images looks prefect and is easy to access. Content should be fresh and short, for mobile.

Things keep in mind:

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