The What of RJ’s Queue Management System:

A fact – it is gauged that customers always over estimate their wait time by 50%. Waiting is extremely frustrating, distressful and time consuming. We provide our client’s with exceptional customer experience through Single & Multiple line queue system & Virtual Queue Systems. Our solutions help reduce wait time, provide fair delivery and in return eliminate stress.

Very few industry experts are aware of the advanced algorithms statistics has developed to better handle queues. All around us, esp. in service sectors, we see queues – both structured and unstructured. It would be worthwhile to procure and install a system that handles all facets:

RJ’s Queue Management System beautifully handles all these facets, along with signage and signaling etc. We offer an integrated Queue Management and Customer Flow Management System specially designed for service organizations like Hospitals, Banks, Telecom Service Counters, Government Service Counters and Airports. Besides carrying an extremely flexible in-premise Queue Management component, an Online Appointment component, it also has a Mobile Appointment component thereby making a Complete Queue and Customer flow management solution.

The Why of RJ’s Queue Management System:

Not only do we bring Single Token Multiple Service, Token Forwarding, Customer Profile based Prioritization, Video and Scrolling Advertisement, and similar elements, which differentiate our solution from rest of the queue management systems. But RJ’s Queue Management System weaves in a range of customer touch points that strategically Measure, Manage and engages the customer’s entire journey in your premises.

No doubt we get you operational excellence, delivering differentiated services and generating new streams of revenue thereby taking your business to a new level of business strengths. Your public areas become more accessible, with elimination of queue congestion problems.

Standing in a queue or waiting for your turn is not anyone’s favorite activity. RJ’s Queue Management System aids your firm and its employees to manage, track and prioritize the service to ensure timely and efficient delivery to every customer. This reduces lower efficiencies, and helps boost customer footfalls.

The Ratanjyot Solutions Queue Management System salient features:

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Client Testimonials

  • We came to this team having rejected treatment of our project by a nationally known digital marketing company, even after our having paid them their exorbitant fee. This team however had an ab initio Need Grasp Methodology, which put us on fast track at a reasonable budget.

  • Their team understands that technology evolves. And thus, what they configure is modular, scaleable and upgradable. And looking at our needs, they gave a stable long term proposition.

  • These are the people you can bet on. Very systematic in their environment study, the solution they suggest is the most optimal fit.

  • I admire this company for its sound after-sales support. Of the very few occasions there system has been down, the support personnel turns up within 2 hours.

  • Good value for money, time, and effort. Neat delivery and after installation support.