The What of RJ’s File Tracking System:

Knowledge management is very important to any organization. The documents are the most valuable Assets for any company. They share not only knowledge but also they are the intellectual property.

Misplaced or lost files are perhaps the most significant of all costs associated with records management. File tracking allows an employee to locate any item quickly and precisely no matter where in the office it is located. The workflow process is streamlined and the information is readily accessible. The result is increased worker productivity and efficiency, allowing personnel to utilize their time in more effective ways. Customers and clients will also benefit when your company’s records assets are well managed. With the ability to locate and manage records more efficiently, response time to a customer’s needs is not delayed by having to search for needed files. Information can be presented quickly and accurately.

We have two solutions:

  1. Barcode
  2. Radio frequency identification (RFID)

Then we’ve a web based application to monitor the pendency of receipts and files and assist in their easy tracking. It is an integrated package which has features right from diarizing of receipts/files, updating its status, opening of new files, tracking the movement of the files, dispatch of letters/files and finally records management.

The Why of RJ’s System:

File and Document Tracking is the systematic management of active paper documents, documents and files stored offsite and documents converted to digital images. You decide How, When, and Where you would like to retrieve your documents, information and files. All the physical documents will be attached with a RFID paper tag. Those tags are tracked by RFID reader at any time. If any document issued to any department or user, issue date, receipt date can be stored and Alert will be given to the user or department about the particular file or document. If any unpermitted user is accessing a group of files or documents, Alert will be given that there is no access. All the documents will be safe and can be restored and retrieved easily with advanced search facility.

Not only physical documents, digital documents can also be stored as scanned copies, word documents etc. They also can be issued, alerts can be given and data can be retrieved at any time.

File and Document Tracking is used for:

  1. Storing and retrieving files whenever required – Physical and Digital documents can be stored and retrieved at any time. Advanced search can be used to retrieve files with user defined queries.
  2. Storing Physical documents as scanned copies or digital images – Digital images can be stored and retrieved in the same process. Issue to a particular user or department and receiving can be stored with dates and can be alerted accordingly.
  3. Searching of Files required will be easy and flexible – With advanced search facility, searching any particular file or document is very easy and flexible to user with faculty to user defined queries or fields.
  4. Access restriction to authorized users only – If any unauthorized user will access a particular file or group of files or documents, alerts immediately. Data safety is maintained.
  5. Overdue reporting for a particular file – Reports overdue date and time for a particular file issued.
  6. Complete audit trial – Audit trial is possible completely.
  7. Searching of files through hand held reader with bulk reading capability which does not require line of sight for reading tags.
  8. The process of File Retrieval and Return will be automated to facilitate Self Check-out and Self Check-in system.

The Ratanjyot Solutions System salient features:

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Client Testimonials

  • We came to this team having rejected treatment of our project by a nationally known digital marketing company, even after our having paid them their exorbitant fee. This team however had an ab initio Need Grasp Methodology, which put us on fast track at a reasonable budget.

  • Their team understands that technology evolves. And thus, what they configure is modular, scaleable and upgradable. And looking at our needs, they gave a stable long term proposition.

  • These are the people you can bet on. Very systematic in their environment study, the solution they suggest is the most optimal fit.

  • I admire this company for its sound after-sales support. Of the very few occasions there system has been down, the support personnel turns up within 2 hours.

  • Good value for money, time, and effort. Neat delivery and after installation support.